Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sample Icebreaker

Intro. Have you ever done those management tests where they look at your work style ….. well I’m always equally balanced on everything. So I’m not one thing more than another. I am a BALANCED person. Equally balanced in my mind, heart and soul. I think it’s because I’ve read so much in my life. My mission in life is to “make people think!” I believe in the power of the right idea at the right time. I have a gift for telling stories.

I’m going to talk to you about myself today in 3 ways.

1- numbers in my life, then about

2- what I love, then

3- my future!


  • 1daughter, mother, own one beautiful house in Blackheath
  • 3 brothers
  • 5 yrs overseas, 5 cars
  • 10 universities
  • 17 jobs
  • 40 homes
  • 40 years old when I had my daughter
  • 45 countries travelled through
  • 59 years old!
  • 92 going to die!

What I love

  • My daughter – Amy. Show photo. She’s 18, just finished HSC in Cheltenham, England volunteer in NSC (500 staff & 150 students 16-22) organising 13 weeks holiday
  • My brother – Graham. Show photos. Looks after me. Hard time. Abuse. Support.
  • Spirit/Beauty. I honour things of the spirit. [Good Health book]
    • Looking after yourself
    • Good health.
    • Balance/Rest/exercise
    • Meditation/Prayer to GOD/journal writing
    • Art/Literature/Music/
    • Nature
    • Kindness – Dalai Llama
    • Creativity/Cooking [Cookery book]
    • Peace/Harmony
  • Positive thinking – Moved into the subconscious – the amigdala not frontal cortex. Rule in my workplace…No negatives. Not exactly dogmatic…but I can always find a positive way to say most things…and I help 2200 students & staff every day to do the same
  • Learning/reading/talking/travelling/working.
    • I have studied Anthropoligical Linguistics
    • Wrote grammar of Kala Lugaw Ya [Mabuiag]
    • Double major in Anthropology Major in English GPA of Distinction
    • 60 SDs from customer service to many computer packages
    • worked in so many wonderful libraries – I read eclectically and watch DVDs – interested in so many things
  • Adventure/Travel
    • London to Kathmandu by truck with 14 guys and 4 women
    • Annapurna Trek – Himalayas
    • Khyber pass – shot at
    • Afghanistan, Egypt, Ireland, Italy

My Future

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have joined TM to learn how to FIND MY VOICE!

How to think, how to speak, how to tell stories and how to lead…..

I have a vision to share for a peaceful environmentally-aware spiritual future for the people of this planet.

It is too important not to share.

Get yourselves ready to hear a lot more from me.

Written by the Lithgow Gateway Toastmasters President - Gwenda Vayro

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brand New Blog

Hi all and welcome to the Lithgow Gateway Toastmasters Blog,

This blog is being designed for our members to post their feelings on Toastmasters, why they enjoy toastmasters, tips for speaking, the culture of the Lithgow club and we will be posting text from our speeches.

For more information about the club please visit our club website.